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421 East Point   SOLD


421 East Point

This property sits on 200 feet of waterfront overlooking the Strait of Georgia. From the home’s front windows you can observe the marine traffic in the Strait and admire the seals, sea lions, and numerous species of birds and ducks. To the east, Mount Baker can be seen on a clear day. At night, the twinkling background lights on the North Shore mountains add another dimension. A mature flower garden features rose and fuchsia bushes, mature ferns, daisies, laburnum and many mature rhodo bushes, breathtaking in bloom. A fenced plot for growing herbs and vegetables sits in the garden area. Beautifully maintained, the home comes with updated appliances, and all the furnishings.

Being a low to medium-bank property allows for easy launching kayaks or taking a swim right in front of the home, with the aid of the railing. A small shed on the property is great for storing bicycles and kayak equipment, along with any tools or lawn equipment.

To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

Property Information

Address:421 East Point

Lot Size:1.1 acre


Taxes:$2552.25 (2014)


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To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

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