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723 Tumbo - NEW  NEW


723 Tumbo - NEW

East Point Ocean Resort - 

There are 6 other cottages at the resort and this is the last vacant site available. It is only a few steps down to a sandy pebble beach to set out your lawn chairs and enjoy a summer swim.

** There are conditions to the sale which is 12/100ths interest. The purchaser of this site will own 1 of 6 designated sites and will be assessed 1/8th of the overall taxes assessed for the sites 4 and Lot 9 combined.

** Zoning restrictions apply, and the requirements are as follows:
a) a 2-bedroom cottage unit with a max of 1000 ft2
b) a 1 bedroom sleeping unit which may have a bathroom but no kitchen. The two units can be attached or detached.

** Building plans must be approved by the company, with a water catchment system only. A septic system must be installed, and hydro and Telus service is at the lot line.

** There is a 45-day maximum annual stay, but the remaining days could be a revenue generator and rented out by the owner. There is no rental manager. Owners of the resort manage their own bookings or use a rental management service and contact directly cleaning and housekeeping services.

*** Visit eastpointresort.ca for rental information.

** The common area covers the driveways which service all the cottages and the boat ramp.

To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

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Address:723 Tumbo - NEW

Lot Size:0.60



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To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

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