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Lot 1-- Gaines Road  NEW


Lot 1-- Gaines Road

The  location of the acerage is along Gaines Road offers convenient access and visibility. The lot's long, narrow shape provides ample frontage along the road. The mature maples, firs, and cedars add natural beauty and a sense of privacy.

The building site near the east side of the lot is particularly appealing, offering potential ocean views and the tranquil sound of the ocean. This feature is sure to attract buyers looking to build their dream home or cottage retreat.

The by-law allowing for a house and cottage on lots over 3 acres adding value and flexibility to the property. This feature makes it ideal for buyers seeking a primary residence with a rental or guest cottage, or for those looking to create a multi-generational living space.

The proximity to Russell Reef Park, a popular swimming spot, and Winter Cove Park, offering 181 acres of natural beauty, These nearby amenities provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and a connection to nature that will be appreciated by potential buyers.

Overall, this property offers a unique combination of natural beauty and proximity to parks and recreational areas. I

To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

Property Information

Address:Lot 1-- Gaines Road

Lot Size:5.53 acres


Taxes:$1,218.00 (2023)


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To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

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