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Lot 11 Ruxton Island  SOLD


Ruxton Island is located beside Valdes Island, and north of Thetis Island and named after Lieutenant William Fitz Herbert Ruxton of the H.M.S. Pylades, circa 1860. The Island is less than 1 1/2 miles long and under 1/2 mile wide. It is punctuated with small bays, some big enough to anchor sailboats. Back in the 1960's the island was owned by the Nayler family in its' entirety was sold to a developer, who later became the Mayor of Nanaimo, B.C. After the purchase, it was announced that the island would become a playground for the wealthy. That did not happen and the island was subsequently broken up into 199 lots. Most of the waterfront lots are about 1 acre, and the inland lots about 2 acres. This property is completely undeveloped and there are no services on the island. There are no roads, just roughed out lanes, no municipal water supply, no garbage pickup and no docks. What is there, is peace and quiet  in great  abundance. The water views are nothing short of spectacular and considered by many Million dollar views.

To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

Property Information

Address:Lot 11 Ruxton Island

Lot Size:0.79


Taxes:$ 516.42


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Available soon

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To view this property email or call Susanne Middleditch 1-800-291-6601 (ext 313)

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